Change Your THINKING About Food


Most diet programs tell you what to eat in hope that you change your way of thinking and ultimately, your eating habit. That doesn’t work! It’s like telling a negative person to be positive if that person wants to be happy. You know that it requires therapy for that negative person to change his/her thinking.

So why would it work if your friends, family members, or doctors tell you, “If you want to lose weight, then just eat less and exercise more?” Unless the diet programs incorporate therapy to help change the thinking, it’s like telling a negative person to be positive in order to be happy!

The Thinsulin Program isn’t just another diet that shows you what to eat in order to lose weight. It’s a program derived from scientific and psychotherapy principles that teaches you how to apply biological principles of insulin to burn fat and lose weight; psychological principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to change your thinking; and social behavioral techniques to break bad habits.

You will learn to break down what you eat or drink into five categories- sweets, grains, vegetables, fruits and proteins. Then, you’ll ask if the foods in that category will spike insulin or not.

If it spikes insulin, your body will store fat. If it lowers insulin, your body burns fat. Yes, it’s that simple.

It’s easy to remember what foods spike insulin or not by using this traffic light analogy on the left.

Red light means STOP! These foods will spike your insulin level even if you have a little bite.

Green light means GO! These foods will NOT spike your insulin level so you may have as much as you want and anytime you want.

Yellow light means be CAUTIOUS! These foods may spike your insulin level if you have more than one total portion per day.