Overcome the Weight-Loss Plateau

A common observation in a typical weight loss program is a plateau in body weight after several months of successful weight reduction. Most weight loss programs don't offer a solution to overcoming this plateau. Dieters become discouraged and return to the eating habits that created their weight problem in the first place.

The Thinsulin Program gives you a solution to the plateau by thinking in terms of insulin. As you can see from the diagram below, your insulin level remains low after you've hit the weight-loss plateau after four months after you've started your program. It's difficult to lower your insulin level any further.

Therefore, if you continue eating the same way you're eating during the Active Phase of weight loss when you hit the plateau, it's difficult for you to lose any more weight once your body reset and allows you to lose weight again.

But if you increase your insulin level after you hit the plateau during the Passive Phase of weight maintenance by eating controlled portions of grains or starchy vegetables for three months, you will be able to overcome this plateau and lose weight again. As you can see from the diagram below, your body will begin to burn fat because your insulin level is high enough for you to lower it again when you go back to the Active Phase of weight loss.



By applying the principles of CBT, you'll learn how to eat so that you can raise your insulin level without gaining weight.