The Thinsulin Program

The American Medical Association (AMA) declared obesity as a disease in June 2013. Successful treatment therefore requires more than just willpower, education, medication or surgery. It requires a paradigm shift that addresses psychological factors and changing the way we think about food. This is the missing link that The Thinsulin Program addresses.

The Thinsulin Program offers a medical breakthrough by uniquely harnessing the synergy between the working of the body and the power of the mind to manage obesity. Written by two brothers, a bariatric internist and psychiatrist, the merger between medicine and psychiatry has created a powerfully simple and effective weight management program that teaches you to think in terms of insulin in order to lose weight and maintain it permanently.

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"The Thinsulin Program is a scientifically sound book that'll help you take the weight off for a lifetime. This book is a gift to so many people who struggle with their health and weight. I highly recommend it."

-Dr. Daniel Amen, bestselling coauthor of The Daniel Plan

"Drs. Charles Nguyen and Tu-Song Anh Nguyen clearly and coherently explain how our approach to the treatment of obesity has fallen short in The Thinsulin Program. We learn that it is the control of insulin, not caloric restriction, that will allow us to reach the weight we have long desired. His approach of using a biopsychosocial approach provides hope for all. Drs. Nguyen describe the approach in a language that all can understand, not just health professionals. I now look very differently at all the food groups, how often one should eat, what one should avoid and have a totally new approach to helping others. This book will change how people, and the professionals who work with them, approach the epidemic of obesity. I have already changed my personal way of keeping a healthy weight, introduced strategies to my family, and as important to the hundreds of patients I treat who have obesity. I encourage all to read."

-Dr. Rimal Bera, clinical professor of psychiatry